If you’ve wrestled with Sons of the Forest‘s arcane go-bag mid-fight, you’ll know just how hard it can be to wrangle the weapons you need from the bag at short notice. Luckily, in Sons of the Forest‘s first hotfix developer Endnight Games has added the ability to hotkey weapons, letting you pull them out with a single keypress.

First, a public safety announcement: do not hotkey your 3D-printed water bottle. There’s currently a bug that can make your water bottle vanish forever when you press the hotkey to call on your trusty liquid holder, leaving you without it until you craft another at the 3D Printer. Climbing the mountain to get to the 3D printer can be quite a process, so if you want to avoid this, don’t hotkey your water bottle just yet.

Still, everything else we’ve tested from torches to clubs and everything in between so if you’re sick of trying to pull stuff out of your bag or even equip it from your crafting table mid-fight, try setting up weapon hotkeys. It completely revolutionises Sons of the Forest’s combat as you will never need to wrestle with the cumbersome interface mid-fight.

Setting up weapon hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

Credit: Endnight Games

Setting up weapon hotkeys in Sons of the Forest is about as self-explanatory as it gets, but it’s not well explained in the game beyond a loading-screen tooltip that some players may not have seen. Each item that you can equip in the game will have a tiny blank box on its item description pop-up that hovers over each item when your mouse is over it.

If you can see a blank box, you’re good to go. Hit a number key from the top of your keyboard and you should see that reflected in the little no-longer-empty box on each item’s description box.

Now, you can change between your bow or an axe at the press of a button and even change between flashlight and lighter. There are out of combat uses, too: hotkeying your resin sled can let you quickly fly down cliffs and streams in an instant.

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