Montreal-based electronic funk & R&B trio Planet Giza released their new EP Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon earlier this month. Beyond being sound advice, the EP is a vibey and funky reflection of the funk and soul scene in Montreal that has become a global force. Working with Kaytranada in the past, the trio takes another step with Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon. A blend of funky and danceable cuts with thoughtful and slow jams, they flex their rapping muscles with singing and production that will have you saying Bang like Mike Breen.

To get a better idea of how the project came together, we had the trio break down their production process in a new How It Was Made feature. This is a simple one compared to some of our other features, but it shows you can make great music with not too much gear. Get your copy of the EP here and listen below.

1. Neumann Microphone

This Neumann microphone is the same microphone we recorded our LP Added Sugar. It’s a great microphone we picked it up for about 800$ at the time.. Yes its kind of pricey but it’s worth every penny!

2. MIDI Keyboard

Unfortunately we don’t own any analogs so we only have a midi keyboard. This is JMF’s 61 key keyboard. JMF fully co-produced the EP with us.

3. SPL Crimson 2

This is our SPL Crimson 2 soundcard. We bought that soundcard the same day we bought the microphone so we’ve been using it for quite some time now. Overall a great interface it even has a built-in talkback for the engineers out there!

4. Maschine MK3

We literally just picked up this Maschine so we haven’t used it on any song of the project but for sure it will be put in great use for the next one. We bought it mainly to program drums so it could give us a better feeling we just started using this and it’s a major upgrade from clicking on the Fruity Loops sequencer lol!