Everybody loves a good rave track, especially ones that draw inspiration from house music’s groovier, warmer, punchier flavors. That old-school energy is infectious, and I think music producers should lean more toward the OG roots of dance music.

Jamie Coins, a key Revival New York family member, exemplifies this approach. Having already dropped two singles and a fresh collaborative contribution alongside Fer BR on the label’s recent ‘Revival Forever’ VA project, Jamie Coins has gained favor among the scene’s heavy hitters and secured key radio support from BBC Radio 1. His latest release, ‘Break Em Up,’ is a masterclass in producing an old-school rave-style vibe with all the modern warmth and clarity we’ve come to expect in 2024. From signature hip-hop samples and choppy grooves to 90s-influenced organ stabs, simmering acid lines, and slinking drum grooves, ‘Break Em Up’ is loaded with elements yet delivers a powerful peak-time anthem set to get global dancefloors moving.

So listen to the track below a few times to acclimate your ears to the sauce he’s about to share and the plugins he uses in the studio throughout the latest iteration of How It Was Made: Jamie Coins – Break’ Em Up.

Rave Generator

Rave Generator

Rave Generator is a time machine back to the golden era of rave. It’s packed with authentic sounds that instantly transport you to a warehouse party in the 90s. The interface is simple, but don’t let that fool you – this plugin can be amazing!

For “Break Em Up,” I dove into Rave Generator 2’s extensive collection of rave stabs, selecting a few with the right energy and grit. I layered them together, tweaking the semitones and envelopes to create the track’s main riff. I added a bit of saturation, delay, and reverb for extra atmosphere.

If you want to inject some old-school rave flavor into your productions, look no further than Rave Generator. Its stabs, pads, and effects are perfect for creating that nostalgic, old-school, euphoric vibe.

Tip: Try layering different stabs together and automating their parameters for a constantly evolving sound.

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FabFilter Pro-MB

FabFilter Pro-MB is my secret weapon for sculpting the dynamics of my tracks. It’s a multi-band compressor and expander that’s both powerful and user-friendly. With its intuitive interface and transparent sound, I can easily tame unruly frequencies or add punch and energy to specific elements, especially to treat the relationship between kick and bass. In “Break Em Up,” I used Pro-MB to control the low-end gently, ensuring the kick and bass worked together seamlessly.

I also added a touch of compression to the higher frequencies to bring out the sparkle in the old-school percussion and synths. Pro-MB is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a multi-band tool that can do it all. It’s perfect for tightening up your mix, adding punch, and controlling dynamics without sacrificing clarity.

Tip: Use the Dynamic Phase mode for transparent multi-band processing without introducing any unwanted artifacts.

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PSP Vintage Warmer 2

PSP Vintage Warmer 2 is my go-to plugin for adding analog warmth and character to my tracks. It emulates the sound of classic analog tape machines and consoles, giving your mixes a rich, saturated feel. I have used it for so many years, and since we have amazing technology on plugins nowadays, I haven’t found any alternative that sounds like it.

For “Break Em Up,” I used Vintage Warmer 2 on the master bus to glue the mix together, to EQ, and compress, adding a bit of subtle harmonic distortion. It helped bring out the character of the individual elements and give the track a cohesive, phat, and warm sound. If you want to add a touch of analog magic to your productions, Vintage Warmer 2 is a great choice. It’s beneficial for warming up digital sounds, enhancing the bass, and adding a bit of extra grit and punch.

Tip: Use it sparingly to avoid over-processing your mix – that drive knob is very sensible

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Quick Tips For Making House Music

Tip #1: Stay Inspired: Listen to classic tracks and reimagine their elements in your own style. “Write the book you want to read” – create the music you want to hear.
Tip #2: Story Telling: Understand the role of each section in your track. Build a solid groove that keeps you hooked, then use the arrangement to tell a story with the elements you already have.

Tip #3: Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to break the rules and push boundaries. Surprise yourself – the unexpected often leads to the most exciting results.

Tip #4: Automate & Evolve: Use automation on filters and effects to create dynamic, evolving soundscapes.
Tip #5: Find the Fun: Remember, music is meant to be enjoyed! Let loose, experiment and the best tracks will often flow from that joy.

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