Ergonomics in a studio or office space is one of the most important things you can have, but they’re also some of the least glamorous compared to flashier investments like a new synth or new monitors. As such, way too many producers these days produce hunched over a laptop screen for the first few years of their career, wondering why they can’t produce for longer than a couple of hours without having to ditch the studio and stretch out a bit.

Ergonomic chairs are a fantastic tool for helping with back pain in the studio, second only to monitor arms that keep your computer screen off your desk and at eye level. While punching in a “monitor arm” into Amazon can be easy, I’ve found options leave a fair amount to be desired, with one even almost ruining my monitor when the arm broke!

Having been fans of the Hexcal brand for over a year, when their new single monitor arm dropped a couple of months ago, I jumped to see how well it could slot into my studio and my daily workflow. So, let’s take a second to check what this monitor arm is and what it does differently than other monitor arms online. Then, dive into what I loved most and what I loved least about this approachable yet premium single monitor arm.

What Is The Hexcal Single Monitor Arm?

The Hexcal Single Monitor Arm is designed to control monitor positioning precisely, making it suitable for various activities, from professional tasks to gaming. It supports most monitors ranging from 13 to 35 inches and weighing up to 11 kilograms (24.2 pounds). Key features include a quick-release VESA plate for easy monitor installation, built-in cable management, and desk clamping or grommet mounting options. The arm’s adjustability allows for a customizable workspace, enhancing user comfort and productivity.

The monitor arm is sturdy and functional and is constructed from aluminum, steel, and plastic. It has a tilt range of +60° to -60°, a swivel range of +90° to -90°, and an arm extension of up to 483mm (19 inches). The monitor arm is compatible with VESA mounts (75×75 and 100×100) and fits desktop thicknesses of 10-80mm (0.4 to 3.2 inches) for clamps and 10-35mm (0.4 to 1.4 inches) for grommet mounts. The product integrates seamlessly with the Hexcal Elevate Standing Desk, offering free shipping and a 30-day return policy for added convenience.

The Hexcal Single Monitor Arm is designed to work seamlessly with the Hexcal Elevate Standing Desk but may cause balance issues if clamped to the Hexcal Studio. It supports monitors weighing up to 11 kilograms, even if they exceed 35 inches. The quick-release VESA mount simplifies attaching and detaching monitors, facilitating easy adjustments or relocations. This makes it ideal for users who frequently modify their setup. The clamp is compatible with desktops between 10 and 80mm thick, ensuring a broad range of applications.

Hexcal Single Monitor Arm Review – The Pros

It’s Stylish

Like all of Hexcals’ products, their single monitor arm is modern, stylish, and very “cool.”

The majority of monitor arms you can look at on Amazon might be great and do what they claim to do quite well. Still, they’re usually pretty clunky, oversized, and uninspiring. I work in an incredibly creative industry, and the vibe and aesthetics of my studio go a long way in facilitating the type and quality of music I produce.

The Hexcals monitor arm does this ideally and is a fantastic addition to my studio. It holds up my second monitor, which I use as my virtual mixing board in Ableton when I’m working or as my second monitor playing Netflix while I unwind playing games at night.

It’s Affordable!

Hexcal makes premium products, and most other items in their small but fast-expanding line of products cost a premium. As cool as their Studio desk riser is, it can be a hard cost for the average consumer.

But the single monitor arm is less than $130, making it incredibly approachable and a fantastic way to get into the Hexcal world without breaking the bank. Sure, there’s a handful of cheaper alternatives you can find on Amazon, but they show their price, whether it’s through their inability to bare much weight or flimsy screws that snap and cause your monitor to careen to the floor (that’s happened to me before; not good).

But the Hexcal monitor arm is super high-quality, can handle a reasonably heavy monitor (although no ultra-wides, which I’ll chat about in a second), and does it all at an incredibly affordable price.

It’s Flexible

It has a lot of room to swivel and adjust so that you can attach the monitor exactly where you need it.

As you can see in the picture, I was able to position the monitor so that it is at an ergonomic height while still in a place where it allows for easy access to my microphone when recording vocals on my music, as I did in the track below.

This flexibility helped a ton, as the cubby shelves next to my computer that the monitor is attached to are from IKEA and have lips and edges in some strange places that were wider than the clamp could hold. Hence, it required a bit of finessing where I clamped the arm to the cubby shelves, and the arm’s flexibility, once it was attached, allowed me to position it exactly where I needed it!

The Cons…

It Can’t Handle Heavier* Monitors.

I have an ultrawide monitor as my primary screen, and because of its bulk, it weighs a substantial amount (something close to 30 pounds). The weight limit of the Hexcal monitor arm is only 25 pounds, which is more than enough for more monitors, even widescreen ones. But if you are using an ultrawide monitor that is as cumbersome as mine, I recommend getting an arm designed to hold that much weight.

That being said, the Hexcal monitor arm is the PERFECT solution for my second monitor. I am so glad I could get it installed on my Viotek monitor, which is a hefty widescreen monitor in its own right.

I have heard rumors that Hexcal is working on a monitor arm that can handle heavier monitors, though I cannot confirm this rumor (as is things heard on Reddit)

Final Thoughts

In closing, the Hexcal monitor arm is a fantastic option especially considering the lack of any real meaningful alternatives online. Sure, there are some cheap, low-quality ones that you can snag on Amazon that might do the trick in the short term, but they look lame and lack the sleek, professional vibe that Hexcal brings to all of their products.

But if you’re looking for an approachable way to get that extra little bit of C-Suite sleekness to your monitor arm, giving you more room on your desk and more headspace to get meaningful work done each day, this Hexcal monitor arm is one of the better options on the market.

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