DJ-Producer, Henry Fong, has recently released a new anthem that has been filling the air this summer at many music festivals around the world. “Rave Tool” is an intense yet dance-worthy track that is absolutely incredible. The fast tempo and rapid bassline will have anyone jumping off the walls, making it impossible to stand still. The new single has gained much support from many popular artists such as Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, and Showtek. Obviously, if some of your favorite artists are playing the track in their sets, then it is probably time that you did too.

Henry Fong had a few things to say about his inspiration for the new song:

“I actually made the song the day Keith from Prodigy died. I went in the studio and had the intention of creating something using really ravey sounds inspired by prodigy, I started playing with rave stabs, 4/4 house beat at 150 bpm and a hardstyle screech”.

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You can listen to the new single here.