Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet will play two dates at the Jazz Cafe in 2020.

This UK debut takes place after sell-out success in philharmonic halls and festivals around Europe.

Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet’s new album, 'CCMYK', is on his own label Between Buttons and is a perfect mix between classical and electronic music, carefully transformed into a set of astonishing tracks, ready for club or concert hall. The collaboration demonstrates startling density, control and emotional complexity. It opens with the flourish of strings and throughout the album, piercing melancholy and graceful tension merges with flashes of radiant joy.

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Schwarz has been exploring this fertile terrain between classical, electronic and dance music for almost a decade. He produced some of the most elegant dance records of the 2000s and spent much of his 2010s collaborating with jazz musicians, orchestras, writing ballets, and reconfiguring canonical classical works.

In 2015 Henrik invited the Dutch Alma Quartet to his studio for a meeting of minds and musical intuition, which resulted in forming the 2019 album 'CCMYK' and developed into a breath-taking live show of highly trained classical musicians recording and performing like a jazz band.

In his own words, Henrik believes “this is a major step towards bringing two worlds together.”

Get tickets here.

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