Helicopter Showdown also known as Devan Day is stepping back into the spotlight and this time he’s looking towards a bright future, full of endless opportunity. To celebrate his return to the scene as a solo artist, Helicopter Showdown has just surprised fans with brand new music. Keeping true to his roots, HS delivers “Gucci Goonies” available as a free download on Borgore's Buygore imprint, out now! “Gucci Goonies” is a fun, bass heavy danceable track perfectly lined up for the summer festival season. Take a listen to the track down below! 

As the original founder of Helicopter Showdown has been standing up for his work and his passion following a falling out with the group’s previous member. Making the decision to proceed with Helicopter Showdown as a solo act, he looks forward to embarking on this new chapter of his career and is eager to share new music with his dedicated and loyal fanbase. Helicopter Showdown also released an official statement where he mentions the transition into a solo artist. 

Helicopter Showdown Official Statement:
Helicopter Showdown does not support or condone drug abuse, the physical abuse of women, child neglect, or plagiarism. Previous members of the ensemble have been formally dismissed from the project indefinitely. Devan Day is the original founder, creator, and legal owner of Helicopter Showdown and currently is and will continue to serve as its curator. Helicopter Showdown is looking most forward to sharing his new music, tour dates, and pursuing this new chapter with his fans, followers, and friends, as a solo artist.

As part of his transition into a solo act, Helicopter Showdown will soon be announcing dates for his forthcoming tour, which will span from August through September with support from Lucchii and Akronym. Keep your eyes on a lookout for the official tour dates and stops!