Continuing our live stream sessions for charity that has taken us around the globe, Helen Ting dials into thatDROP’s facebook from Hong Kong. This Friday, July 24th, at 10 PM Hong Kong Time (10 AM EST), Helen Ting transmits live, representing Cabeau Music with a rare selection of afro and deep house built for your primal bone.

Over the years Helen has earned support from labels like Cabeau Music and Tribe Records while landing slots at prime festivals like Croatia’s SUNcéBeat with the likes of DJeff, Black Coffee and Detroit Swindle. Consider Helen’s set the official SUNcéBeat pre-party for their virtual festival that will be running on July 25th.

During her set Helen brings awareness to Relief International. Relief International shares their mission, “Today, we will work to deliver life-saving aid to millions of people living on the edge of survival. Tomorrow, when the crisis subsides, we will work alongside community members to restore job opportunities, build critical infrastructure, and develop education programs.” Please donate if you can.

With such rich culture and spirit, we wanted to explore more into the depths of Helen Ting’s music, the Hong Kong electronic music scene and more on what makes Ting tick through an exclusive interview.

Looks like SUNcéBeat in Croatia would have been a blast. How did you get connected with that festival?

2016 was my first experience of Suncebeat. That year I didn’t play but went to feel the vibe. I met a lot of new friends and great people! Then in 2017 they booked me to play on the Cabeau Boat Party alongside Black Motion and Manoo.

You have some afro house releases and a strong following from South African, have you been out there for a festival or event?

Yes ,I did played there in 2018 on 1st January with Black Motion at FIRST FUNDAY Festival in Johannesburg to over 10,000 people!!

You play afro house and you are known for rocking an afro, what do you find appealing about the afro style and culture?

Haha Difficult to say! When I first heard Afro house music it was a feeling, just like it’s already inside my body!

What is the current vibe of Hong Kong right now?

Due to the virus situation, All the clubs and bars are closed now. Hope it could finish soon!

How is the Hong Kong electronic music scene?

Actually it’s not bad! In normal times there are lots of top internationals coming to HK to perform.

Who are some Hong Kong artists everyone should know about?

Two of my friends I should introduce to you all! Abel Rogers (from France) plays quality Deep house, Afro house and Afro tech!

Ivan Sit (from HK) plays Soul, Funk and disco and is one of the original HK DJ’s!

How do you like to discover new music?

I listen to all different kinds of music to give me creative thoughts for my own sets. This is the way for me!

Do you have any releases in the works?

Yes, I am always working on new music, nothing ready for release yet, but watch this space!


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