German producers Moonbootica have always been true to their message, placing a value on the fun-filled hedonism of dance music, above elitism and arrogance in the scene. It’s an approach that’s lead them to worldwide success, including five albums and hundreds of shows worldwide. Their approach to house music is entirely pure and for the love of the party and the extravagance that comes with it.

It’s no surprise then, that 2020 has been a huge emotional loss for the production duo of Kowe Six and Tobi Tobsen. A lack of the ability to perform live takes away a huge part of why the duo fell in love with the house music scene in Hamburg and across Europe. However, their production has been prolific and the new single "Let The Music Play," serves as a rally-call that the end of this nightmare is in sight. Accompanied by a visual, showcasing the contrast between a pre-COVID world and the current situation, it’s a homage to clubbing and the release involved with nightlife. The track, is an unapologetic classic house sound, with elements of 90’s acid house laced across a pulsating beat.