After a year their feet barely touching the ground as they toured their critically acclaimed debut album, the Miami-based duo is dropping f their latest high-octane fering, Death To Genres Vol. 3.

DTG Vol. 3 is the purest embodiment the DTG ethos to date.

Like the earlier installments, which boast tracks with music mainstays like , Paul Wall, and more; it too is a riveting marriage dynamic musical styles. The mix moves in and out funky house and hip-hop grooves courtesy , , and . Garage rock makes an incendiary interjection as the “Wake, Bake, Skate” FIDLAR lead Zac Carper leads “Money,” and if anybody was ever tapped to ultimately kill the genre, Death To Genres Vol. 3.’s boundaryless-air proves that GTA are just the right guys for the job.