If you are a fan if GRiZ, you know that the DJ/Producer is typically a very transparent and open person. Well starting yesterday, he sent out some very mysterious tweets. Then today, he deleted all the posts on his Instagram page.

We’re not too sure exactly what’s going on with GRiZ, but his fans are concerned. Could it be a new side project? Is he leaving the music industry? Or is this all a grand marketing ploy? What is going on GRiZ?!?

It all started when the Denver-based artist sent out a tweet saying “I’m gonna miss you guys.” You don’t just put that on Twitter and expect people to remain calm.

He also tweeted a photo several hand written pages with the words blurred out. The caption reads, “It’s about time we talked.”

Then the situation became even more confusing when all posts on his Instagram were deleted. Except for a single photo a blank piece paper.

Maybe GRiZ wants a blank slate and this is his way starting fresh. Whatever the reason is, we will keep you updated.