Grimes has shared an update on her forthcoming project, ‘Book 1’, and whether new music will be coming soon.

The Canadian musician, real name Claire Boucher, took to twitter in February and revealed that she was writing music for the first time in a while, adding that she “forgot” how fun it was. 

Earlier in the year, she provided an update about her upcoming album, ‘Book 1’, but referred to the project as a “side quest” indicating that music was not a top priority for her.

Last week, in response to someone on Twitter writing “pls remember that u are also a singer,” Boucher wrote: “I was never a singer. I was just good enough at engineering to make it sound like I was.

“The ideas always came first, and grimes has always been most loved when I focussed on innovating. Lots of new music to come, but y’all can find singers anywhere.”

She later added: “A series of chaos – Book 1 will come it’s just so old now haha. I think I gotta put out this new stuff first and follow w book 1 cuz the new music I’m making is just so next level. We won’t wait for an album tho i ahree it’s been too long. We’ll start dropping as we finish.”

The musician and producer’s last album, ‘Miss Anthropocene‘, was released in 2020. She’s since shared a number of standalone tracks – some of which remain officially unreleased – including ‘Love‘, ‘Welcome To The Opera’, ‘Player Of Games’ and the Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Dorian Electra-featuring ‘Shinigami Eyes’.

Earlier this month, Boucher announced on Twitter that she “trained an AI version of me and she fell in love with our friend who trained her,” emphasising her interest in AI. A few days later, it was confirmed that she would present a closing keynote speech on artificial intelligence at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza.

She will be closing the three-day conference with a presentation sharing her insights into music tech, AI and the metaverse. The 14th edition of the summit is due to begin on April 26 and end on April 28, and will be co-hosted by Pete Tong and Jaguar.

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