Gouldian Finch is a master of pushing the boundaries

Featuring Lindstrom, Pantha Du Prince & a plethora of Norwegian talents

]Returning with one of his most unique projects to date, Norwegian artist Gouldian Finch shares a collaborative project, enlisting an eclectic mix of producers and artists, each adding their unique flair to Finch’s already genre-defying sound. The result is an experimental auditory journey that pushes boundaries while remaining rooted in the original album’s nu-wave jazz and electronica foundations.

From the outset, “Hatch Remixed” dazzles with its inventive reinterpretations. Legendary German producer Pantha du Prince takes on “The Flamingo,” transforming it with his minimal techno and noise influences. The track’s airy synths and vintage drum machine rhythms create a spacey atmosphere that feels both new and familiar. Orions Belte, a Norwegian trio known for their surf-rock and soft indie vibes, breathes new life into “Stuck In The Matrix.” Their version transports listeners to serene landscapes, infusing the track with a sunny, laid-back energy that contrasts yet complements the original’s frenetic pace.

Each remix on the album stands out, not just for its creativity but for its respectful nod to Finch’s original ideas. “Hatch Remixed” is more than just a remix album; it’s a testament to Gouldian Finch’s versatility and a celebration of artistic collaboration. Fans of Daft Punk, Jonsi, and Aphex Twin will find much to love in this adventurous and masterfully executed project.

“I’ve always loved remix albums. Just like with film music, I love to hear different versions with unique moods and completely different angles. A song often has several elements that don’t quite come out and I think it’s extra cool when remixers take hold of unexpected parts of the music and base their mix on this. I myself have remixed many artists. It’s been exciting with my Ulver remix where fans from all over the world often contact me about details of the mix. On ‘Hatch remixed’ I have reached out to many of my big heroes such as Jamie Lidell, Bogdan Raczynski, Lindstrøm and Pantha du Prince. These are artists who have inspired me for over 20 years and whom it is an honor to have on the record and to have gotten to know” – Gouldian Finch

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