With the effortlessly smooth Night Owls LP out for release in the first quarter of this year, the LP's producer and songwriter LO has passed over one of its key singles for a remix. 

Originally released as a single, "BLU" will stand the test of time with its beautifully captured lo-fi, electronic sound. It comes alive with the help of LO's vocals, and they are still a main feature in the fresh rework, ably provided by Golden Era. 

An artist beginning to make waves of his own and already at more than 5 million streams, his subtle yet drifting melodies intertwine around LO's vocals and ensure for a delightful listen. 

The original was based around the theme of break-ups, with LO saying:  “Love is a strange thing and break ups are even stranger. 'BLU' talks about this feeling of someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “

Stream Golden Era's remix now.