Manchester, UK base dartist glue70 released his new LP 2070 via Majestic Casual Records. The 12-track-project seamlessly blends together an array of genres: Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and electronic music all come together into one cohesive vibe that sounds great.  Years spent in the visual arts have woven a visceral thread of soft-focus ‘80s nostalgia into glue70’s music; the result is wistful, introspective and undoubtedly human lo-fi breaks. Through improvisation, silken vocals and loop-based music creation, glue70’s deceptively minimal sound flits from house to hip-hop and jazz to disco in inimitably chill fashion. Lean in and turn it up – you’re listening to the future.  Check out 2070 by glue70 below now and above the stream read a quote from the musician.

“This project is an exploration of my thoughts, dreams and ideas. Both introspective and extroverted, 2070 bounces back and forth through different mind states, like walking through the many different rooms in my brain hotel. Enjoy your stay!”