The infamous Dack Janiels, who we have all come to know and love on OTB, is back at it again with another bangin’ hip-hop styled dubstep track. This week he gives us his latest track “Glo Up” featuring the GloGangTwins from Chief Keef’s label Glo Gang. *bang bang*

The GloGangTwins, who are actually twin brothers from Chicago, have had past releases with Glo Gang such as their breakout mixtapes “Million Dollar Trap” and “Lil Flash x GloGangTwins”.

The Twins and Dack released another collab they had in the works last week as well. The track is titled “Geek Club”, and it’s leanified trap vibes will have you feeling geeeeked. I’ve had this song on repeat all week, and I think I can rap all of the lyrics at this point. I also highly recommend checking out this track, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

“Glo Up” is presented via Dack’s label 40oz Cult and 1017 Glo Gang. Technically…this means Dack is the first dubstep artist to be presented by 1017 Glo Gang. Damn, can we expect a Gucci or Chief Keef collab in the future?! One can only hope. Props to this guy for successfully meshing two different genres of labels together.

The tune intros with verses from the GloGangTwins, very catchy, and leads into a heavy drop full of metallic plucks and massive basses. Dack puts his signature twists on the track, making this 150 BPM song a must for festival season.

Did I mention this tune was also a FREE DOWNLOAD? Glo Up your Tuesday.

Last thing, look out for Dack’s Never Say Die: Black Label release dropping March 28th on the “XL3 Compilation” presented by Megalodon.


Dack Janiels – Glo Up feat. GloGangTwins

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