Gary Richards, the brains behind iconic brand HARD Events, famously left the brand behind in September last year after his contract expired to pursue new opportunities with LiveStyle, fka SFX Entertainment. However, even with his new role, he still finds time to tour as Destructo. During a recent set in Denver, ThisSongIsSick managed to nail him down and ask him some questions we’ve been dying to know the answers to.

It turns out, in his new role, Richards says he’s already accomplished more in 6 months than he has in the past 3 years. With a vast array events at his fingertips and a much larger team with which to accomplish his goals, he’s been a very busy man.

Among his accomplishments so far is founding a new festival cruise, Friendship, under his new “AMF” (All My Friends) brand within LiveStyle. And staying true to his west coast roots, Richards promises a new west coast festival in the near future, as well.

For more on AMF, Destructo, and Friendship, check out the interview below with TSIS’s Nick Guarino: