Gammer – The Drop (Remixes Pt. 1)

Heads up Hardcore/Hardstyle Dubbers, UK artist Gammer just released a five track album containing remixes of his track, ‘THE DROP‘. While a remix album may seem repetitive, each track is distinct in their own way. Featuring the reworks of 4B, NvrLeft, Skellism, Slippy, Stonebank, and Wooli, your heads will surely shake.

From jersey club beat to a metal sounding tune, a melodic synth drop or a short and sweet alternate to the original, these tracks do not disappoint. Born in Wishaw, United Kingdom, Matt Lee discovered the Happy Hardcore genre through a Bonkers CD as a kid. Discovered at a young age, he established himself as Gammer, one of the top Hardcore DJ’s of his time. He’s received awards such as ‘Best Hardcore DJ’ for 6 consecutive years.

If you’ve dabbled in the UK hardcore scene, then you’ll know all about this guy. In the last few years, Matt has tinkered away at mixing music genres. His sets usually hurl you into his heavy trap and hardcore mixes. More recently, he has shown us some dubstep with his ‘Let’s Get Crunk‘ release. Following this is one of his most heavily requested tunes, ‘The Drop‘. When DJ Snake opened his Coachella set with it, everyone needed the ID quick.

What sets Lee apart from the rest is his mixing up of styles with a zero-f*** attitude. Utilizing hardstyle crossovers, hardcore, and some trippy bass, Matt shows how versatile he can be. Recent news also tells us he has got a whole EP of emotional, ambient, downbeat electronic music in the works.

With inspiration from Nero, Jack U, Porter Robinson and Marshmello, he wants to keep his scene special, underground and meaningful. He is even collaborating with Kayzo, Pegboard Nerds and Kill The Noise.

Which remix is your favorite? Shall we wait for a Part 2? Listen to the album below on Spotify.

Gammer – THE DROP (Remixes Pt. 1)