Gabber Eleganza and Joy BC have collaborated on a new handmade limited-edition rave whistle for you to bring on your next night out. As noted in the Instagram announcement, the whistle is a representation of "anarchy, revolution and the sound of your mother telling you to get home after playing outside after 9pm."

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Gabber Eleganza is the open-ended art project begun by Italian DJ Alberto Guerrini that was created as a spotlight on hardcore, post-rave counterculture. As for Joy BC, she is an award-winning jewelry designer based in London, bringing a conceptual, socio-political touch to fine jewelry.

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Made out of pure silver, the whistle features a laser engraving of Eleganza's "Never Sleep" logo and BC's London hallmark, as well as the option to have four numbers, words or dates of your choice stamped on it.

There's only 40 units available, so go grab one here if you've got €1350 to spare.

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