News emerged this week that attorney's for Fyre Media are working alongside federal judges to gain approval to subpoena Netflix and Hulu. The legal strategy behind the tactic is hoping one or both streaming services used assets owned by Fyre Media during the production of their documentary series.

According to most legal experts…the case is currently a long shot and a subpoena will likely get denied. Even if a judge does sign off on one, the lawyers for the streaming services will undoubtedly double down on protecting their companies profits.

Fyre Media Is Hoping To Subpoena Netflix and Hulu For A Cut Of That Sweet Documentary Money To Pay Off McFarland's Debts

The hope behind the subpoena stems from the fact that if either company used Fyre Media assets, the company can collect on the revenue earned from the documentaries. Collecting on the documentaries can help pay towards the tens of millions of dollars Fyre Media owes those it frauded throughout its time as an operational company.

Stay tuned for updates on this story as more information becomes available.