Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion brings the feels, the tears, and the energy with this livestream presented by Moment House to celebrate the release of his new record .wav. This live stream had Flux giving it his soul. Performing the new album in full, Flux Pavilion revealed his new live performance that features live instrumentation with guitar, synth, and vocals to showcase a whole new era of Flux.

With the world in a current state of turbulence, Flux Pavilion presents a new side that we have yet to experience. This live stream was full of feels and emotion, featuring more melodic, moody, and atmospheric pieces such as his collaboration with What So Not – 20:25 feat. Chain Gang, mixing progressive style composition with vibey funk that ravers everywhere vibe with.

Flux’s .wav livestream presents a delight for the senses, combining soulfully made tracks with heartfelt a performance and stunning green screen visuals. The stream started somberly, and steadily grew into a cathartic experience with masterfully crafted transitions. All sides of Flux Pavilion were felt in this stream, but none more than his melodic, somber side. Many of those watching have followed his extensive career and you can truly see the way Flux has inspired his many fans. Like the ocean, .wav flows and crashes, receding from one track to the next in a beautiful pace, enticing the attendees to surf with Flux through his latest masterpiece.

The show also incorporated fan submitted audio clips from the website “Flux Needs Your Wav,” a page that allows his fans to be a part of his art by recording answers to funny and weird prompts, which Flux brought to life during the show. Flux Pavilion reminds us to love, breathe, survive, and to find yourself in an endless fantasy.

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