UPDATE 4:40pm | An error from APRA shows Harley Streten as a credited writer on What So Not’s song “Be Ok Again.” Streten, aka Flume, was in fact not on this album

What So Not‘s debut album Not All The Beautiful Things has done nothing but impressed since its release — and it’s no wonder one track in particular sounds so right!

The album boasts collaborations with Toto, San Holo and Skrillex (just to name a few) and tons other beautiful WSN originals. But as one post points out, H Streten aka Flume is low key one the collaborators on the new album.

Writing credits on “Be Ok Again” ARPA AMCOS reveal Flume as a co-writer, which probably means this was an unfinished project from back when both producers were part What So Not. Credit has clearly been given where it’s due, no matter how long ago Flume played a part in the production process.

It’s definitely an interesting development, but it only makes us love the track even more! Listen to the album in full here and check out What So Not’s debut Diplo & Friends mix featuring tons  NATBT tracks here.

Flume Credited As Co-Writer For What So Not’s “Be Ok Again”


Photo Rukes.com