People say the 70s was the time of disco. They are wrong. 2015 is the year of disco as Televisor releases their new EP, Venture on April 6th. Put on your platform shoes and get those disco balls a spinnin’ with the first single “Find That Someone.”

Televisor – Find That Someone (feat. Richard Judge)

Tim Butler and Tom Parry don’t waste a beat as they immediately take you to the heart of the dance floor with a dirty and groovy melody that will infect any club with vibes. Richard Judge provides some amazing vocals over the beat that will take you to wonderland. I can see the dance floor now, the lighted floor changing colors to the beat as people slide across the spaces in a dance off. You know, not unlike that dance floor in Starsky & Hutch. (Don’t even get me started on the Zoolander sequel.)

‘Find That Someone’ with a Disco Fever in Televisor ’s New Music Video -- Only The BeatBut wait… there’s more. In case you couldn’t get enough of this tune, Televisor also partnered the song with a music video that is filled with pretty girls, bright lights and some intriguing video work. With artists expanding their visual work during live sets, I can see this video being shown as the duo play out this track – chopping together bits and pieces throughout their performance. Check it out below.

Sadly the track is not available as of yet, but you can pre-order the Venture EP now through iTunes or Bandcamp. Check out the tune on SoundCloud and make sure to drop a follow on Televisor’s social media pages. Can April 6th get here any faster?


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