Fear The Walking Dead showrunners have teased the fallout from the shocking death in the latest episode of the AMC drama.

Spoilers for episode eight of season eight below.

After seemingly at death’s door previously due to radiation poisoning, Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) returned in the latest episode only to be officially killed off.

Having to inform Madison (Kim Dickens) that she murdered her son, she was then sent by the grieving mother to infiltrate Troy’s (Daniel Sharman) camp.

Madison eventually thought better of her actions, but it was too late, Charlie had already decided to take her own life in the hopes of atoning for her sins, shooting herself so that Madison would not reveal the location of PADRE to Troy to get her back.


Now the showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss are teasing that the impact of her death will “have ripple effects for Madison and all the characters.”

They also said that the tension between Troy and Madison will be ramped up following Charlie’s demise.

Goldberg told Entertainment Weekly: “We’re going to do a really deep dive into Troy and where he’s been. And all these things that he’s saying blaming Madison, we’re going to understand why he believes that. And there’s a whole chapter to the Troy story that’s happened since the dam in season 3 that we’re going to really fill in that will help piece together where his psychology is now.”

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