Facebook's News Feed Changes Might Make You Spend Less Time On It

Facebook as lately has become a hub where multiple businesses, users and publishers have long gone to promote their services, products, etc. Users have had to see many and many ads for all sorts stuff and now Mark Zuckerburg feels the site is losing it’s meaningful social interactions.

Enter Zuckerberg‘s new announcement on the newsfeed algorithm on which he states that he wants to bring those interactions back to the site. More content from friends and family will be focused on and less on posts from publications and businesses.

Zuckerburg understands that this may mean that a drop in time spent on the platform may occur. Nevertheless, he wishes to make the time that is currently being spent on Facebook even more valuable.

These new changes are also in due to a study done in December that show that certain uses the site can worsen a user’s mental health. Another reasoning behind this can also be linked to it’s role in the 2016 election which showed Russians had tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election by buying ads, planting and promoting fake news stories. Although first denied by Zuckerburg, he later revealed he was wrong and that as many as 120 million people had viewed Russian-bought ads on the platform.

Expect the update to be implemented real soon to the platform and applications available on mobile devices, Apple & Android.