Whether producing under the moniker Feed Me, or his slightly lesser known (but nonetheless epic) project, Spor; John Gooch knows how to decimate minds with sheer sonic prowess. For his latest efforts as Spor, Gooch has recruited the prodigious, 19 year-old Memtrix, to produce a heavy and heartfelt assault on your ears.

“Darkest Hours” is a fast-paced, brutally well-crafted track that has a soft, lyrical center. Starting off with a vibrant and welcoming melody, the track is immediately enticing. Shortly after it starts it takes off. The addition of beautiful vocals, crisp drums,  those downright dirty bass sonics Gooch is known for, and Memtrix’s filthy bass combine to create an explosive energy that permeates throughout every detail of this production. The crisp production propels listeners forward through the track, making it feel as though they are rushing to catch up with Rosie Blancher’s vocal runs. Gorgeous  and gritty, “Darkest Hours” is DnB powerhouse guaranteed to make you feel more alive.

Spor and Memetrix is one of the top collaborations to come out of 2015. Give it a  listen below.

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