Fabric To Present Tale Of Us Exclusive Mix With Fabric 97

Have you ever wondered what the Afterlife feels like? Being a weightless mass across the universe, connected with the world but invisible at the same time? Looks like Tale Of Us spent quite some time on this matter, and they are ready to present what Afterlife means to them in their latest mix: Fabric 97.

With 13 perfectly blended tracks, Fabric 97 puts together a spotless compilation techno sounds, carefully chosen by this iconic Italian/German duo. The selection includes their newest creation ‘‘, as well as some the best tunes from artists from the Afterlife label such as Adriatique, Agents Of Time, Mind Against and Patrice Bäumel, among others.

The anthology is nothing but pround. Subtle, yet obscure, it perfectly captures the essence Tale Of Us and Afterlife records.

Released today within Fabric’s signature label, you can purchase the album . Tale Of Us will also be presenting the mix at an exclusive .