With only two weeks left until Karma Fields debut album New Age | Dark Age drops, the Monstercat artist teamed up with Raven Kwok once again to give us a music video to their hit single “Greatness” featuring Talib Kweli. Visual art combined with lyrics and Talib himself mark “Greatness” as one of the best tracks on the debut album. Check it out below.

Karma Fields – Greatness feat. Talib Kweli

Music Video by Raven Kwok

“Greatness” is a different side to Karma Fields from their other releases “Build The Cities” and “Skyline,” as both are upbeat and dance ready, where “Greatness” fills itself with nitty-gritty bass and a beat perfect for Talib’s thought-provoking bars. Linkin Park meet UK garage meets dubstep combined with grungy chords, dirty bass, and emotional lyrics into a piece that is, quite frankly, ahead of its time. This is what rap and electronic music can (and will) sound like in the future.

Talib’s lyrics speak of “Greatness,” inspiring listeners with lines, “Never aspire to the average or the mediocre” and “You say, ‘you need to dumb it down,’ like that’s great advice” ending the verse with “Now, I’m way too busy showing them what greatness like.”

Raven Kwok continues to create a new standard in music videos as his 3D mapping art morphs triangles, pentagons, hexagons and other polygons into visual pieces of wonder. Images of Talib rapping are seen throughout as Raven stacks the lyrics on top of each other, showing off his own Greatness as a visual artist.

If “Greatness,” “Build The Cities” and “Skyline” are any indication of what Karma Fields is capable of, I wouldn’t hesitate to pre-order or purchase New Age | Dark Age when it’s released March 2nd. This is surely a different sound for electronic music and I’m anxious to listen and watch where Karma Fields takes us next. Comment below with your thoughts and let us know what you think about the music video and track “Greatness.”

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