Florida based producer SpikedGrin is back again with a whole new flavor of sound. Entitled “My All”, the Elixir Records released single will have you vibin back and forth in no time.

The song is a moving ride full of creative arrangement, rhythm and flow. The vocals and sound design used in the track complement each other well and the song creates an inherently unique atmosphere that is perfectly indicative of this artists' style and talent. All in all, it is a strong single that is filled with increasingly engaging aspects and will most definitely resonate well with a lot of its listeners.

Here's a quote from the man himself on his new single:

“I originally made this idea when I was doing a remix for another artist, but I felt the idea was cool enough to make it into a single. Sent the track to a good friend of mine for some vocals, which was a first for me, and he killed it. Very happy with how the track turned out and to have worked with an amazing singer/songwriter! Super excited for this release.”

Check out SpikedGrin's new single “My All” below…