Fresh off the heels of his ‘Sound Advice – Chapter One' mini album, Ben Gold is back with a breath taking music video for the single off the album “Stay”. The video and single drop June 1st on Armada Music, but we get the chance to EXCLUSIVELY give you the video a day early.

Sweeping listeners off their feet with stunning strings and Sivan's equally breathtaking vocals, Ben Gold's “Stay” is one of the fan favorites from his forthcoming mini album ‘Sound Advice – Chapter One' and captivating to the bone. Transitioning into a wonderful melody and steady rhythms before diving back into the awe-inspiring breakdown, this record truly shows the magic of music.

The music video is an absolute emotional roller coaster. Directed by Chris Evans, the video shows the highs and lows of a relationship. It starts off showing a women leaving what seems to be her boyfriend, and he is beyond distraught. As both the guy and the girl are going through the positive memories with each other, it's realized that together is where they need to be. Ending with an emotional embrace, the video fits the song absolutely beautifully.

Watch Ben Gold & Sivan – “Stay” (Music Video Premiere)