Night Tapes, the dream-pop trio from London, is back with their highly anticipated EP, “assisted memories,” released via Nettwerk. The seven-track EP follows their successful 2023 release, “perfect kindness,” which showcases the band’s growth and evolution. With hit singles like “projections,” “every day is a game,” and “loner,” the EP has already received critical acclaim and significant streaming success. Lead singer Iiris Vesik describes the EP as an emotional journey through memories, capturing moments in time through both analog and digital recordings.

In an exclusive interview, Night Tapes shares insights into the inspiration behind “assisted memories” and how it differs from their previous work. Vesik explains that the EP is about honoring past versions of oneself, with each song offering a glimpse into a memory. The band also discusses their more direct and crystallized approach with this EP compared to the exploratory nature of “Perfect Kindness.” Additionally, they highlight the differences in the recording process, with “Assisted Memories” being created in a living room studio under a deadline, resulting in a more polished final product.

As Night Tapes prepares for their debut US tour in November, including dates in major cities like Los Angeles and New York City, they reflect on their recent UK tour and share their excitement about performing in new cities. The band emphasizes the importance of visual aesthetics in their music videos and social media presence, collaborating with director Owain E. Morgan to create a cohesive visual journey. Looking ahead, Night Tapes reveals plans for their debut album, continuing to push the boundaries of their atmospheric sound.

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Can you tell us the inspiration behind your latest EP, “assisted memories”?

I’m like the 6th version of myself and the EP lyrically is about honoring and being kind to past versions of myself, especially to the young girl who moved to London from Tallinn, Estonia to pursue music. Every song contains a glimpse into a memory and you’re jumping from memory to memory as the EP progresses. Some songs contain lyrics from diary excerpts. 


How do you feel “assisted memories” differs from your previous EPs, both in terms of sound and thematic content?

It’s feeling a little more direct than our last EP, “perfect kindness,” which was more wandering, explorative, and nighttime sounds. With “assisted memories,” we took everything we learned from “perfect kindness” and applied it. The songs have come out a bit more orderly and crystallized. Perfect kindness took years to make as we could endlessly just open up the projects in our bedroom studio. “assisted memories” was made mostly in a living room studio, and this time, we had a deadline. 

What has been the response to your recent UK tour, and how do you think it will compare to your US tour?

It’s been good, I think the peeps in the US just are a bit more vocal about stuff they love. I’m looking forward to all of the gigs , we are going to elevate everything. Got plans for visuals.

How do you approach the visual aesthetics for your music videos and social media presence?

I’m approaching it as a big booklet of our journeys, news, vibes and memories. Visuals are essential as we feel Night Tapes is an audiovisual project. This time we enjoyed working with Owain E. Morgan, who did all the videos (shot, directed, edited)  for this EP. When I finally saw the videos next to each other, I understood all the little details he had kept cohesive throughout the visual journey. 

Your upcoming US tour includes dates in LA and NYC. What are you most looking forward to about performing in the US for the first time?

The people.

I’m looking forward to seeing the people. Most of us have never been to cities like San Francisco and Chicago, so I’m definitely excited to experience the different new cities and vibes.The Roxy will be our biggest headline venue to date, which is exciting!

What are your plans after releasing “assisted memories” and your US tour?

We are already working on our debut album and plan to finish it before we go to the US.


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