Hannes Bieger’s Elektrons’ latest release, “Shadows Of Yesterday” by Allen Hulsey, is another shining example of the label head’s vision of creating club-friendly records that pull at the heartstrings and go beyond the simple “boots and cats” template that predominates the industry.

The record features touching vocal lines and a compelling narrative that explores love, loss, and the fear of losing one’s fortune, encapsulating the balance between light and dark.

Stream Allen Hulsey’s “Shadows Of Yesterday”

The collaboration with Hannes Bieger adds an extra dimension to the release. Hannes mixed several of Allen’s tracks and provided a punchy remix of “Shadows Of Yesterday” that brings a new level of intensity to the track with a stronger beat and club-ready energy while maintaining the touching soul of the original.


In an exclusive interview, Allen Hulsey discusses the creation of “Shadows Of Yesterday,” from the initial composition in Istanbul to the collaboration with Hannes Bieger. He provides insights into his songwriting process and the thematic balance of light and dark in his music and offers advice for aspiring musicians. This conversation sheds light on the artistic journey behind the track and the synergies that make this release a standout on Electron.

Interview With Allen Hulsey

1 – What was the process of creating “Shadows Of Yesterday” from start to finish?

The track was composed and created in Istanbul. I wrote the lyrics quite quickly despite having a bad cold then, and I think I finished at least 85% of them in the first take. The main synth melody was different at the beginning but was later changed to the current synth pattern maybe a week or two after the initial conception. Like any track, it had small changes later, but the initial feel and vibe were there.

2 – How did your collaboration with Hannes Bieger come about, and what was it like working with him?

Hannes and I first met on Guy Laliberté’s private island in French Polynesia in January 2023. We were there for a writing camp/production week for The Frog Collective. We first spoke about working together while in the sauna, and then I showed him some of my demos that week. He later mixed six tracks for me and offered to remix and release “Shadows of Yesterday.” I was thrilled.

3 – How do you approach songwriting and production differently when working in the studio versus performing live?

My method is the same when working alone, with other producers, or composing on stage. I usually sketch ideas quickly and get to the vocals quickly. This immediately gives the track a theme or meaning to build around. I have found that vocals or live instruments allow me to see where the track can go easier than if I have just an instrumental.

4 – Can you describe the duality of light and dark in the instrumental and how it reflects the track’s themes?

I like to balance the weight of light and dark in most of my tracks. This is present in the lyrics, narrative, harmony, and color palette. The track talks about feelings of longing and loss and sets a tone for what was present before. For me, balancing light and dark makes electronic productions both mysterious and uplifting.

5 – How does “Shadows Of Yesterday” align with the ethos of Elektrons and its founder Hannes Bieger?

Elektron supports artists like myself, who primarily are live acts. I think all the artists on the label are the ones who push the envelope of what is happening in the scene. I don’t think that the label is confined to a single genre, but there are elements of Melodic Techno in each of the releases so far.

6 – What advice would you give to aspiring musicians and producers looking to break into the industry?

It was helpful for me to find a unique production angle, instrument, or technique that few people are using. I use traditional Turkish instruments and guitars in my live set to make my performances stand out.

The key to improving is always to try your best and to leave the audience with a unique feeling or experience.

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