Elkka will release a new EP, 'Every Body Is Welcome', her femme culture label on November 29.

Discussing the five-tracker, Elkka explains, “Arriving in London in my early 20s I was a completely different person in every possible way and discovering club culture, the rave scene and queer spaces allowed me to explore myself fully as a woman and a queer person. For me, the dance floor has been a place where I have felt the most liberated, the most myself, unified with friends and strangers by the music and moment we are sharing."

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She continues, "This EP is a celebration of those moments, of the dance floor, of dance music that has inspired me creatively and personally. 'Every Body Is Welcome' symbolises what I hope the dance floor to be - a music utopia or haven, somewhere for everyone to feel safe to express themselves, to find themselves, to be whoever they want to be and feel part of a community of acceptance and tolerance. Idealistic? Yes but I think art should be a space to express idealism and where we hope to be.”

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In April, femme culture released a charity compilation that raised funds for UN Women, featuring tracks from the likes of Lone, Mr. Mitch, Martyn Bootyspoon, Nightwave, Badsista and Minimal Violence.

You can pre-order 'Every Body Is Welcome' here; check out the title track below.

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'Every Body Is Welcome' on Elkka's forthcoming EP
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