This years Gov Ball was full of great entertainment and some very unexpected surprises. The music was blasting, the sun was out (at least for the most part) and the crowd was full of electricity. It seemed like each artist from every realm of the music spectrum showed up and gave it their all. From the likes of Lil Wayne to Zhu and Florence + The Machine, every act gave some memorable performances and helped make the festival that much better.

Not only was the music on high but the festival also created an environment that magnified the good vibes and spirits. Food and drink were aplenty, the stages were set up in a way that made it possible to enjoy every artist and the transportation of the festival was also on point especially in times of trouble, which I will get to later in this article. Taking place on the famous location of Randall's Island Park, the grounds were set and ready to go for all attendees to lose themselves in music.

The festival was a total of 3 days, a weekend complete with everything you would encounter at a big music event and it was a time full of incredible and moving musical experiences..


The festivities began on Friday May 31st and the weather was essentially perfect for the most part. The event started right on time and everyone arrived in their best festival gear ready to conquer the weekend. It was also fitting that it was Friday considering that everything seemed to be well in place. Not only was it gorgeous out but the lineup itself was also something to behold.

There were so many amazing artists that performed and such great acts that put on some stellar shows. From the rock and roll, indie antics of Hippo Campus to the rap and bad boy personas of the group known as Brockhampton. Musically, there was really no question that Gov Ball did a great job of curating the lineup for the first day.

What I think people also enjoyed most of that Friday was the fact that there were so many different artists playing from genres that you really wouldn't ever put in the same category. This diversity brought a unique and welcoming effect to the beautiful first day of the festival. There was a vibrant and energetic air on the grounds that everyone could definitely feel.

Event Review: Gov Ball Music Festival, The Good, The Bad, And The Soaking Wet
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The second day of the festival was also a good one. The weather again was basically perfect, producing another great day of event shenanigans. It included acts that were world famous and renown for so many different reasons and its no wonder that the festival put each one of them on the lineup.

Some of the artists that performed were Elohim, Denzel Curry, Kacey Musgraves, Zhu and The 1975. As you can see, much like the first day of the festival, it was a lineup that was inherently diverse in nature. The day came and went with some incredible performances, most notably I think were Zhu, Gesaffelstein and Denzel Curry.

Saturday also for the most part included more festival goers than that of Friday. There were so many different and interesting people who came to see the show. Although this was the case, moving about the festival was relatively easy for the most part. The stages rocked and they were set up in a way that made everyone feel like they weren't missing anything from the artist that they wanted to see. Food and drink were again on point and it is no surprise that the second day of the festival brought everyone to their happy place once again.

Event Review: Gov Ball Music Festival, The Good, The Bad, And The Soaking Wet
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Courtesy of Sacha Lecca of Rolling Stone


The last and final day of Gov Ball NYC was interesting to say the least…

Not only was there an unexpected lineup change, which meant that the doors didn't open until later in the day at 6:30, but there was also an unexpected cancellation of the festival once the sky actually opened up and the rain came pouring down.

It was a day that seemed the opposite of what we experienced on Friday and Saturday. The weather was just flat out not good and was at some point pretty unsafe. We did get to see some performances though despite the cancellation of the event, some of those artists included Nas, Bob Moses, Sheck Wes and Bazzi. Each one of the made the best of a bad situation and some even had to cut their set in half. Despite all that though, they did not disappoint and still were able to give the brave festival goers of Sunday a show.

My heart also goes out to the acts that did not get to perform that day because of the weather. I'm sure there were a lot of fans disappointed and it was a shame that they didn't get to play. Nevertheless, I think Gov Ball did a fine job handling the situation. The first and foremost priority of any festival is to keep its attendees safe and Gov Ball made sure of that. When things got bad they gave their best efforts to ensure that everyone got out quickly, knowing that the weather was going to get worse and worse.

Even though there were definitely some stragglers and people who did not intend on leaving. Eventually the crowd dissipated and the island was empty, which ended yet another crazy weekend of musical enjoyment that a lot of fans will probably never forget.

Courtesy of Griffin Lotz of Rolling Stone

Gov Ball 2019 was an event unlike any other, it provided everything needed for the avid festival goer and I, as I'm sure all of you, cannot wait for the next one in 2020. Although it wasn't the smoothest of weekends, in the end the festival lived up to its name and gave the people what they wanted. Thanks to Gov Ball for having me and I hope you all enjoyed the festival as much as I did!