Ethan Mark shares a soulful bossa nova track via Stereofox

Returning with a smooth and glorious new project “Ghost” Ethan Mark featuring Nawal, is an evocative diss track that tackles the all-too-familiar theme of ghosting. Most of us, just take this on the chin but these guys have gone one step further and immortalised their embarrassment in song format.. Released via Stereofox – This collaboration blends R&B, soul, bossa nova, and funk to create a rich, multidimensional sound. The song, driven by its hauntingly relatable lyrics, captures the essence of betrayal and emotional disconnect, embodied in Nawal’s poignant line, “You’re 25, man…”.

Ethan Mark’s production is both intricate and unorthodox, featuring soulful electric bossa nova guitar chords, a walking bassline, and sultry saxophone elements. This musical complexity contrasts sharply with the song’s bitter subject matter, creating a compelling and engaging listening experience. Nawal’s bilingual vocals, sung in both English and Arabic, add a unique depth, paying homage to her heritage and reflecting her personal experiences.

The creative chemistry between Ethan Mark and Nawal is evident, resulting in a track that not only resonates emotionally but also showcases their individual talents. “Ghost” stands as a testament to their ability to blend cultural and musical elements seamlessly, making it a standout track in today’s music landscape.

The artist explains: “Ghost” is a diss track in every sense of the word. It’s both specific and universal – about the toxic, demeaning, and dismissive boys who’d rather ghost than be truthful. As Nawal cathartically, and exasperatedly sings on the track: “You’re 25, man…”.

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