With two new songs out this week, ETC!ETC! is showing the world that neither moombahton nor trap is dead.Hailing from the City of Angels, ETC!ETC! has quickly made a name of himself as one of the bigger trap producers on the scene.  He loves to play for his fans and anyone who has attended one of his shows can attest that he truly feeds off the crowd. I would recommend seeing him if you get the chance. I had the pleasure of seeing ETC!ETC! three different times last year, and every time I have seen ETC!ETC! he gets better and better. Now, with the release of two new songs, I bet his sets are nothing short of magical.

The first of ETC!ETC!’s new songs is the Latin-flavored “Soltera,” which, roughly translated in Spanish means, “she’s single.” ETC!ETC! gave this song a short and sweet description: “Moombah never died. moombah forever.” The drop in this track is incredible and definitely hits in the heart of moombah. I’m not sure if this is the full version, but the length and how the music fades away leaves me to wonder if listeners can expect a longer track in the future. But for now, get your groove on to “Soltera.”

Soltera – ETC!ETC!

Most people are familiar with Borgore‘s  “Decisions,” with the catchy “b*tches love cake,” lyrics and music video featuring the infamous Miley Cyrus. But ETC!ETC! took this song to a whole new level with his “F*ck Mix.” As soon as I heard this song, I instantly thought of that “damn son where did you find this,” sample. This track has the ability to make anyone (and I mean anyone) Pop, Lock, and Drop it.  Plus, this song is a free download- it doesn’t get any better than that!

Decisions (ETC!ETC!’S F*ck Mix) – Borgore | Free Download

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