Naarm/Melbourne based producer-vocalist, Purient has released her debut EP Memories. The five-tracker completes a package of two previously released singles with a new track “Sad” and remixes from Varg²™ and Eartheater.

The EP blends distorted pop, brooding and haunting electronics, ambient and club-friendly with a hazy overarching sheen. “Fantasy” and “Sad” deliver on the more subdued side of the EP, “Memories” is more upbeat and industrial, while her vocals take a backseat to the cavernous drums. Varg²™ speeds things up and brings some clarity with a club-ready rendition for “Fantasy” utilizing some crisp drum work and distorted vocals mixing in the background. Eartheater takes "Memories" to another astral plane with her vocals and bright synth work.

Grab the EP now here and listen to the project below.