Nikita, the Wicked, a 25-year-old DJ/producer from San Francisco, has made a remarkable impact with his two latest tracks off his upcoming EP “iloveitwhentheyrun” which is slated for release in June. This project showcases his unique approach to the future bass genre, integrating granular synthesis and skillful sample manipulation to create a distinct sound that defies conventions and adds a unique energy and flavor to his music in a conventionally rather formulaic genre. It’s not an easy task to pull off, so let’s dive a bit deeper into each of the tracks…

“with vengeance”

The track “with vengeance” opens with an eerie vocal intro, immediately capturing your attention. This vocal is soon replaced by a vocal chop that builds tension, leading into a groove characterized by wobbly and distorted bass wobbles. The track features an array of vocal chops and blasts, complemented by occasional heavily distorted lead and bass synths that keep the track propelling forward. Nikita, the Wicked’s experimental approach is evident here, as he seamlessly blends these elements to create a compelling and unpredictable track.

Nikita’s background in surrealism and his appreciation for the beauty in chaos are evident in “with vengeance.” His ability to find elegance within the twisted and grace within the chaotic is on full display, creating a track that is as thought-provoking as, for lack of a better word, bangin’.

“Holy Ghost”

“holy ghost” begins with a religious spoken word segment and delicate piano lines, setting a serene and contemplative tone. This is soon contrasted by more lo-fi vibes during the calmer sections, providing a soothing backdrop that allows the listener to relax and reflect. The track is marked by rapid blasts and cuts of various sounds, adding a unique energy that harkens back to some of my favorite elements in the open track but still differentiates itself from it.

The haunting vocal that carries the track during its less aggressive sections adds depth and emotion, highlighting Nikita’s ability to create a multifaceted auditory experience that takes you on a journey instead of just fills space between drops like most other tracks in this style.

His music, supported by major playlists like Spotify’s creamy and Amazon Music’s Electronic Feels, has garnered attention from tastemakers and industry professionals alike. With performances in major cities and support from notable artists, Nikita, the Wicked is poised to continue making waves in the electronic music scene.

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