Based in the electronic-music Mecca of Berlin and working out of world-renowned Funkhaus studios - Liam Mour is in the perfect creative environment to succeed. On his new EP Dreaming Of A Better Place, Liam has took his sound in new directions, exploring different instrumentation and exploring the different levels of his creative psyche. More than just an EP drop, the project feels like a journey through his studio, exploring unique instrumentation taking his sound outside the typical dance music canon.

Quickly building a name for himself in electronic circles, he’s built a fanbase after dropping the first two tracks on the EP. Kicking off with "Love" and "Nineteen Ninety," the obvious comparisons to make would be the unique styles of Four Tet and Bonobo. They’re two gorgeous tracks that utilize Sitar melodies exquisitely, building to a lush composition that still has a danceable energy. We first became aware of Liam when he dropped the third single "When I Look Into Your Eyes," a slow-burning, ambient masterpiece that built to an epic crescendo. On the title track for the album, Liam keeps us guessing again, using held vocal parts and an incredible live string section, recorded in the Funkhaus orchestral theatre.

It’s a stunning project, perfect for those looking for the highest calibre of electronic music and a future star in the scene. Speaking on the project, Liam states:

“For me, Dreaming Of A Better Place is like a movie in which the unexpected takes you on a journey to your conscience. You will be thrown off course unpredictably, and it is not clear until the end whether this is really happening or if it's just a dream. It doesn't matter either, because the music would be the same in any of those realities.

'Dreaming Of A Better Place' is the title track of the EP, for which I was allowed to record with incredibly talented musicians in studio 1 of Funkhaus Berlin. It all started with a guitar riff that I recorded last summer. It put me in a meditation that made me dream. I've heard and seen the entire track before I even made it and only had to write the score for the individual instruments.”

Listen below and get your copy here.

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