London based producer, DJ and visual artist LCY has released their new EP Pulling Teeth. A mix of drum heavy tracks like “Slutty Siri," haunting, skittering productions like the opener “Teeth,” or the mesmerizing, ambient closer, "Pulling Teeth" immerses you this strange, mystical world that LCY has created.

LCY drew inspiration not just from their own world, but also Celtic polytheism. They created a dystopic post-human AI universe from that for you to enjoy and partially live through.

Pulling Teeth is my first completely non-fiction project and experience with world building after envisioning and drawing what would be the main character nearly 2 years ago. The story follows a post-human, post-human friendly AI landscape where the robots known as ‘the organism’ build a robot with a human brain (and accidentally a canine mouth) to in part worship and in part experiment on.”

LCY drew a character to embody the EP in a graphic novel that will be the beginning of a larger storyline.

“Through the process of creation, writing and drawing this story into a graphic novel it has become not only a reflection on the character Eriù but drawn inspiration from my own research of Celtic folklore and reflection of myself and the situations/ people around me,” LCY explains. “This is the first look at this world and its complex dynamics, I would like for people to take what they will of the music and build their own ideas of what it means.”

Pick up your copy of the project here and stream it below.