Paris-based producer Jaymie Silk has released a new EP The Legend Of Jack Johnson on Shall Not Fade. The EP is inspired by American boxer Jack Johnson, the first black man to win the world heavyweight title and is considered one of the best heavyweight boxers ever. He held the title between 1908 and 1915.

Released this past Friday and as important as ever today on MLK Day in the US. The EP explores the racism that Johnson endured, including death threats from those who told him if he knocked out a white fighter, they would kill him. Johnson would go on knock out the white fighter anyway undeterred. There are radio recordings & interviews with Jack Johnson & Mohammed Ali. These spoken word segments are interwoven with soulful vocals, jazzy, brass-led instrumentals and delicate percussion to give it a classic house feel.

Byron The Aquarius remixes “Jack Johnson” into a more uptempo house track, while keeping its soulful and elegant feel. This is an EP that will make you feel good sonically, but also make you think about what Johnson had to endure and how things have changed some, but not enough. Get the project on Bandcamp.