Songwriter, vocalist and producer Doss broke through with a cult following in the early 2010s, putting out a slew of tracks from 2012 to 2014 before seemingly disappearing as quickly as she emerged. She was featured on other projects, including a remix with SOPHIE for her OIL OF EVERY PEAL UN-INSIDES NON STOP remix album and collaborated with Ryan Hemsworth & Kotomi on an EP back in 2016, but there was little solo work between then and now. Doss also remixed Zsela just two weeks ago. However, it was in March when a new single “Puppy” emerged that people realized that a comeback was in the cards and now three singles later, we have a full EP titled 4 New Hit Songs out today.

“Puppy” reminded fans of the sugary blend of trance and breaks that Doss helped bring in her to internet fame. The EP follows the release schedule of the singles with “Look” coming next. “Look” switches up the rhythms and sound with nu-rave bass and synth euphoria with her high pitched voice urging the listener on, while “Strawberry” adds guitars from a used guitar she found at a store in Baltimore and some breaks. She then wraps up the EP with the housey, pleasant and danceable “On Your Mind” that urges to you to “feel so good tonight.”

Pick up your copy of the EP here or Bandcamp and listen below via LuckyMe.