London-based producer Cameo Blush has released his new EP Lucky on Ross From Friends’ Scarlet Tiger label. The three-tracker is packed with tunes designed for us to dance again.

John Dunk launched the Cameo Blush project in 2019 and it is really starting to take shape with Lucky. The EP opens with the title track, which was released earlier this year and is an absolute banger. A blend of ravey synths, nods to 90’s hardcore, zany rising fx and a pitched up vocal sample to turn the euphoria up to one billion, this is designed to be played very loud.

"§§§§§" follows that up to keep the energy high with skittering drums and breaks and then "Hubris” takes things a little deeper with low sub bass, more glitchy vocal samples, flickering synth work and skittering drums.

With DJs looking to load up their USBs with tunes for upcoming sets, these are tracks that need to be ready to go on the road. Cameo Blush drops three bangers that are here just in time for dancing again. Pick up the project here.