Quickly making waves in the melodic trance and progressive scene, Scottish producer Boy North has been dropping regular uplifting tracks throughout 2021. Working alongside London based label Another Rhythm, he’s found a platform to reach new fans globally. The EP titled We All Stood Still, clearly inspired in name by the numerous lockdowns over the past year, showcases his diverse musical range, exploring elements of uplifting trance, right through to old-school breaks influences.

It’s clear listening through the project that Boy North has had some sort of musical training, his understanding of harmony and counter-melodies stands out. The project starts with an emphatic, breakbeat banger in the form of "Need You By My Side." The following three tracks showcase his love of trance and progressive, with "We All Stood Still," "Dream of a Better Tomorrow" and "Was it the Wind That Stirred The Trees" all employing long, atmospheric trance breakdowns. On "Burning Inside" he returns to is melodic, breaks-influenced style. In future releases, some vocal collaborations would make for incredible listening, but the project is a classy piece of melodic, electronic production.

"I think as obvious looking back at all these pieces of music now, how unaware I was at the time that they were all linked, I really feel I captured all the highs, lows and mindset that we all would of found ourselves in at some point over the past year," explains Boy North in a statement. "I think as hard as it all was, it's good to look back and realize how much we have all learnt from such a extremely difficult period. We lost touch, we lost family and friends and we lost time, time that we would of spent sharing memories and laughter with loved ones -- time we would of spent dancing in a field hugging strangers to our favorite songs. It's good to remind ourselves going forward that when we again have these moments to treasure them so much more -- to never take life for granted and to keep spreading Positivity, Love and Happiness.

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