As part of global techno duo Tale Of Us, Matteo Milleri has created some of the most potent electronic music we’ve heard over the past decade or so. Now releasing as a solo artist, under Rose Avenue Records, Milleri has taken on a new creative direction with Anyma.

"Anyma is my new solo project aimed at discovering my artistic individuality, it’s the digital extension of my persona combining digital art, electronic music and immersive experiences," explains Milleri.

The new project still exists within the same sonic arena as his Tale Of Us work, but delves into a deeper musical space. There’s more consideration for melody and musicality throughout the project, starting with the title track. "Claire" starts with a lush piano melody before we experience the sharper, sawtooth sounds we associate with Milleri’s previous work. "Forevermore" is a more typically dance floor-ready piece, utilizing a 4X4 beat throughout with potent distorted stabs forming the melody of the piece. Finishing with "Sonder," the project concludes on a lush, arpeggio sound that’s full of melancholy.

Marked as the first of many solo releases to come, "Claire" sees ANYMA showcase his exquisite ability to create electronic music across different mediums and melodic spaces

Listen in full below and get your copy here.

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