ËMMË is back with a new track to get you all in your feelings. “Don't Make Me” is an anthem for those who want what they cannot have. For this track, ëmmë teamed up with Maddy Rowe for the vocals that tie the track together and deliver its message.

In this track, ëmmë talks about love and how sometimes we have to deal with losing it. It's a track almost everyone can relate to and ëmmë has delivered the topic in a beautiful, fun way.

Quite the opposite of his previous release, ëmmë shows his diversity as a producer with this new track. It's a beautiful track featuring epic melodies and drops. It's a perfect summer jam and even though it might be about lost loves, it still gets us amped.

“‘Don't Make Me’ is an anthem for everyone that wants something they can't have – something lost, in the past, or unattainable. I wanted to write about that moment when you've been with someone but life has moved on, and no matter how much you want to be back with them, you just can't. The pain that thinking about them causes and the longing that you just can't satisfy. I think we can all relate to this in some form.” – ëmmë

Listen to Don't Make Me here: