Emma Philine is on a journey into the dark..

Known for pushing the boundaries of hyperpop, German artist Emma Philine dives deeper into her artistic vision with this release, crafting a soundscape that is as haunting as it is exhilarating. “HURRICANE” is an EP full of raw, unpredictable moments.

Drawing on influences from the hyperpop greats – The EP’s production stands out for its intricate layers and experimental flair. Each track is a meticulously crafted piece, combining ethereal synths, haunting vocal effects, and pulsating beats. Philine collaborated with talents like Heather, Dennis Behrendt, Novalu, and Enyang to infuse fresh energy and creativity into the project, resulting in a collection of songs that are both sonically rich and emotionally charged.

“GHOST OF MINE,” a highlight of the EP, exemplifies this unique electronic production style. The track’s deep basslines and shimmering synths create an atmospheric backdrop for Philine’s poignant exploration of love and loss. The use of electronic elements adds a visceral edge to her introspective lyrics, making the listening experience both immersive and deeply personal. The lead single “Running Out Of Time” is a production that could easily be mistaken for Arca or Banks in it’s raw, visceral power.


The artwork for HURRICANE, designed with Dennis Behrendt and photographed by Anna Luisa Richter, complements the EP’s sonic intensity, visually representing the emotional storms Philine navigates through her music. Influences from films like Black Swan and Gone Girl permeate the project, enhancing its dark, cinematic quality.

For fans of Banks, Arca, and Eartheater, HURRICANE is a must-listen. Emma Philine’s bold approach to electronic production sets her apart, marking this EP as a significant step in her artistic evolution and a testament to her innovative spirit.

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