Electric Hawk is here with a brand new EP to soothe your ears. The “In Harmony” EP features a bunch of underground producers and is curated in such a way where it really reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the rising artists we see in the bass music scene today.

The EP is filled to the brim with some grimey and in your face dub magic. Each song hits hard and comes from a lot of artists that are sure to gain traction after having listeners stumble upon these tracks. It is a welcoming compilation that is bound to be well received from any fan of experimental bass.

Here's a quote direct from Electric Hawk on the new EP and the meaning they're trying to convey:

“‘In Harmony' is a metaphor we want to send out the message of what Electric Hawk stands for: Artists and Community working together through music-sharing as a flock to uplift each other's lives through connection and sounds. Working together ‘In Harmony', the falling Feather represents the artists and their music, who are in our Hands in order to help them accomplish their wildest dreams and endeavors, as to which The Hand represents us, the community and fans.”

Make sure to check out the full EP below!