Summertime is nearly here and Ekali has a ready with his new Awakening mix 7, “For Hot Summer Nights”. The 42-minute mix is full of downtempo tracks perfectly mixed to ensure total relaxation. Being the seventh mix in the series, Ekali still hasn't failed in bringing a different tone to each one but still having a continuous sound.

In previous Awakening mixes, Ekali has used harder tracks but went back to his roots with Awakening mix 7. This mix includes ID's from Flume, Slumerjack, San Holo, The Weeknd and more. It's the perfect concoction of relaxed tracks with a downtempo beat that brings it all together. And like always, Ekali's mixes have this magical feel to them that brings you into a completely different world.

Ekali's Awakening mixes are perfect to kick back and relax with after a long day. With 6 other installments, the Awakening mix series is easily one of my favorite things on Soundcloud. We're loving the vibes that “For Hot Summer Nights” brings, and we can't wait to see more in the future.

Listen to Awakening Mix #7 here: