It has already been a productive Summer for the Portuguese born, French-raised producer Egzod. After a string of solid releases including his debut on Trap Nation the producer has been hard at work making a name for himself industry wide. This leads us to the latest release of “My Stranger,” the newest single from the minds of Egzod himself as well as vocalist Riell.

Focusing on the struggles of giving into our deepest vices, this track interweaves pop and trap in a way not often seen. While dark in content and somewhat in tone, the sing-along melodies make “My Stranger,” a great Summer track. The track was meaningful for the two to make as well, evidenced by their description of what the track means to them:

“Knowing better and doing better can often be contradictory. In “My Stranger,” the singer has a longing for things that are undoubtedly bad for her; she knows better than to let herself be around some people and things that will certainly leave her worse off but is stuck on them like a moth to flame. In the end, she has no one to blame but herself.”

Across the board, we continue to see strong release after strong release from Egzod and we can only anticipate even more where that came from.

“My Stranger” feat. Riell is out now on all major streaming platforms!